"A dream house that responds to a pandemic situation"

ACYA - YYAF // WFH Workshop

This current global situation has forced all of us to slowdown, work from home with a lot of time on our hands, hence making it the apt time to introduce the ACYA - YYAF Work From Home Workshop for the Young Architects (under 41 years) of the 21 ARCASIA countries (Undergraduate Students are allowed to join).

1. Stemming from the current pandemic situation, the aim of this workshop is to design your dream house which focuses on;
- health security
- self sufficiency
- happy living.

2. The house should be designed for one of the following;
- bachelor
- young couple
- big family
- senior citizens.

3. The plot dimension (approximately 300 sq.m) and shape has been defined (please refer to the attached drawing), but it’s location within your country is of your liking.

4. The design of the house should look at efficient construction methods and materiality.

5. The design should follow Building Authority rules and regulations as per your country.

- Those interested in participating should fill the REGISTRATION HERE, by Wednesday 8th April 2020, 23:59pm Singapore time.

The deadline for the design submission is Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 23:59pm Singapore Time which can be UPLOADED HERE.

- 1 PDF file to be named ONLY with your Reg.Code consisting of Max 2 sheets of A2 (landscape drawings) and 2 Sheets of A4 (write -up / 700-1000 words): DOWNLOAD THE SITE DRAWING AND POSTER TEMPLATE HERE
- Participants are required to upload the posters on Asian Young Architects Group on Facebook.

- The designs submitted will be assessed by 3 ACYA alumni and 2 ACYA members.
- The shortlisted / selected designs will be published and highlighted on all ACYA platforms.
- Scheduled webinars with winning project architects to present and discuss their designs.
- All submitted participants will get an international certificate from ACYA.
1. Ar. Masud Rashid (Bangladesh) - Chief Jury
2. Ar. Mikako Oshima (Japan)
3. Ar. Rattapong Angkasith (Thailand)
4. Ar. Fawad Suhail Abbasi (Pakistan)
5. Ar. Ridha Razak (Malaysia)

For any queries please contact us on +62-822-2532-2665 (Kur  - WhatsApp only)

This event is supported by:

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